In Ear Headphones Infinity

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You can't go about your adventures without the soundtrack to match. If you want clarity and definition, then the infinity in ear range will give you 32 OHM Impedance, which is twice the weight of the Zero In-Ear. An inline microphone means you can also vlog or answer calls on the go. Control your tracks with track control and answer and end call built into the main line. The Infinity In-Ear Headphones come with three different bud sizes come so you can ignite your ears in comfort.

Discounted due to blemished packaging. Product is new and in working order.

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10mm driver
In Line Microphone
Volume control
track control
Answer / End Call Function
Play / Pause
tangle free cord
Handy Travel Bag

Customer Reviews

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Christine Petanic

Excellent sound and quality for such a low price.

Thank you for your positive feedback! We're glad to hear that you are satisfied with the sound and quality of our In Ear Headphones Infinity. Providing high-quality products at an affordable price is our top priority. Thank you for choosing our brand and we hope you continue to enjoy your headphones.

Paul Jorgensen
Best corded in ear headphones

I have been using Fuse Infinity in ear headhones for well over seven years and would highly recommend them to anyone who is hard of hearing(I have over 50% hearing loss) as they have great volume. I recon I have been through ten pair but only because I have damaged them while at work. I have tried different brands but these have the best volume buy far.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our In Ear Infinity Headphones. We are thrilled to hear that they have been your go-to choice for over seven years and that they have been able to provide you with great volume despite your hearing loss. We appreciate your loyalty and hope to continue providing you with the best listening experience.

Peter Stevenson
Infinity Black.I love these earohones

I really love the quality. The only way to play music you love is full blast. From a strong rich bass to a fine treble I simply can't fault these earohones. I have purchased two. One for home the other on the go!

Glad you like them. Thanks for the review.

Jillian O'Brien
They never fail me

Every pear i get they never fail they are so much better then the $2 ones they are useless sometimes they don’t work at all when you buy it but these ones they never fail so please never stop selling them keep selling them forever and bring them back to the shops I used to get it at the petrol station but not anymore because you removed it from shopping places so please bring it back to the stores too please❤️😘🤞

Thank you for the review. Glad you like them!

Jillian O'Brien
About the infinity headphones

There’s headphones are perfect they never failed me I’ve brought heaps of them the past few years and none of them failed me they all work and can you please put them back in the shops I used to get my headphones from the petrol station shop or at the hospital in the Sunshine Coast whenever my nan has an appointment there it has little shops in there too but I can’t anymore because you decide to remove them from shopping areas is it possible to put them back in the shops again also have them online as well I’m truly grateful it’s online still but please at some stage put it back in stores where they belong I’ve worked out why these headphones are expensive because they always work and never fail plus it’s fixable one day the ends fell off and it clicks straight back in like nothing has happened so it’s expensive for a reason and that’s why it is please never get rid of these headphones they are the best headphones ever so please keep them forever and ever plus please put them back in shops where they belong it also does great music beat through these headphones so that’s another reason to keep them and I hope everyone here knows it♥️💖😊😘 🎧