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Fuse True Wireless Sound Airbudz Headphones featuring 8 hour listening time, rechargable case, stop/ start play button and microphone for hands free talking.


Dialled into your music but not keen on being held back by wires. You've embraced the Bluetooth movement and want something lightweight but don't want to compromise on sound quality. But wait, you also want the ability to answer calls and change tracks easily. We've got you ready to plug and play or should we say unplug, ignite your ears and move freely. Leave these bad boys clipped to your shirt and take advantage of the magnetic earbud backs to secure them around your neck whilst waiting for your next opportunity to drop a track.

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Bluetooth connection
Track control
Volume control
Radio functionality

Using Your Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Charging The Battery:

1. Fully charge the earphones before using them for the first time.
2. Plug the provided USB charging cable into the appropriate socket on the earphone and the other end into your USB device.
3. The light will turn red to indicate that the earphones are being charged. The light will turn blue after the earphones are fully charged.

    Pairing Your Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

    In order to use the earphones, they must be paired with a compatible Bluetooth device before you will be able to receive calls or listen to music on it. (“Pairing” means to establish a connection between Bluetooth devices. This makes compatible devices store the unique ID of the earphones at the same time).

    1. Put the earphones and compatible Bluetooth device close to each other (no more than 3 feet apart) and press then hold the “on/off“ button until the LED light starts flashing blue and red. This tells you that the earphones are ready for pairing.

    2. With your Bluetooth compatible device turned on, enable the scanning function to instruct the device to search for available connections (for directions on how to do this, please refer to the instruction manual for your Bluetooth device). When this is complete, you should see a list of all available Bluetooth devices within range.

    3. Select “Fuse BT IE ” from the list, and this should begin the pairing sequence. After pairing has been successfully completed, you will hear a quick tone in the earphones indicating that the connection has been established.

    Now you can use your Bluetooth earphones to take incoming calls and listen to music.

      Making and Receiving Calls:

      1. If the earphones are in use (ie. playing music) and you receive an incoming call, the music will be paused and automatically switched to “wait mode” while you take that call. The music will resume automatically when the call is over.
      2. When you hear an incoming call, press the “on/off” button once to answer and then once again to finish the call (if the call is ended by the other side you will not need to press the button again the call will end automatically).
      3. To redial the last number called, press the “on/off” button twice quickly in succession.

        Basic Use:

        Quality Bluetooth In-Ear Heaphones

        (Button #4)

        1. To turn the earphones on press and hold the power button until the blue LED blue and red light starts alternately flashing, then release it. You will hear a voice say “Power On”.

        2. To turn the earphones off: press and hold the power button until the Red LED light stops flashing, then release it. You will hear a voice say “Power Off”. (Note – if the light continues flashing after being powered off the battery is low and needs to be charged)

        3. To play or pause a song: quickly press and release the button.

        4. To answer or end a phone call: quickly press the button when the phone starts ringing.

        5. To redial the last called number: quickly press the button twice “ + “

          (Button #1)

          1. To skip to the next song: press quickly and then release

          2. To turn the volume up press and hold for 3 seconds, release when you've reached the desired volume “- “

            (Button #5)

            1. To skip to the previous song: press quickly and then release

            2. To turn the volume down press and hold for 3 seconds, release when you've reached the desired volume LED Indicator (#3): The light will turn blue when turning the earphones on. When trying to pair, the light will flash blue and red. When the earphones are being charged the red light will stay solid. When fully charged the red light will turn blue.

              Connection & Standby:

              When the Bluetooth earphones are turned on, they will connect automatically to the last connected compatible device within range and then it will automatically enter standby mode.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 6 reviews
              David Bartlett

              microphone picks up my voice clearly, instead of the background noise of my truck.
              crisp clear sound, outperformed similar style, brand named that sold for $200

              That's great to hear. Thanks for the review.

              I love that bass a lot! These are very good

              Very good recommend these

              Surprisingly good

              Received a voucher on an airline flight and got these headphones to go wireless. Expectation s were low given the low price and thought would be cheap generic brand. But, have been delighted with the sound, volume, features are basic, but only what is needed.
              Only downside and it is reason I give 4 stars only is that they frequently fall out even though use appropriate sized tip. The controller, especially when you are moving, hangs down and swings with movement, pulling at the headphone. I used the clip, but this is trial and error at finding the best place to do this so there is slack in the cord and holds the controller still.
              Overall happy with the headphones.

              Kevin Barrie Hartwell
              Great product

              Bought another pair of these for my partner as I was very happy with mine.

              WOW !

              These are amazing ! Not only do they rock the full sound spectrum with very deep tight bass and crisp highs, they deliver an overal sound that can be compared with some mid range over ear headphones. Forget your samsung ear buds as they have as much base as an ant tapping his foot. If their over ear headphones are of this quality they would well be worth a listen. Dont let the price put you off as these outperform more expensive units by far.