Fuse is more than just a brand, it’s an experience.

Ignite Your Ears with the Fuse lifestyle range of audio and power accessories designed for the 9-5 commuters, the nomad travellers, the busy students and everyone else in between. Ignited back in 2014, Fuse has evolved with the technology as quickly as the younger generations adopt it. Offering a range of wireless Bluetooth Accessories including speakers, power banks, inner-ear and over-ear headphones and cables, Fuse will make sure you take the music wherever you go.

All our products are MFI approved, which means Apple has certified our products for use with your iPhone, iPad, iPod and everything else Apple not to exclude the compatibility with most Android smartphones.  

Heading to work? The city can be a busy place, hustling and bustling with the sounds of transit, construction and everyday city life. Ignite Your Ears and escape to your audio destination of choice with our selection of Fuse audio accessories, designed for the ultimate aural experience while commuting on-the-go.

Off to School? Take a break from academic focus and transport your thoughts through sound to your destination of choice. Enjoy a little Hip Hop to help you relax? With Fuse audio accessories whatever your sound of choice, Fuse will Ignite Your Ears and keep you powered.  

Gearing up to travel? It’s definitely not as fun when you can’t take the music with you… Keep yourself occupied on those lengthy layovers, long flights and tedious transit stops with Fuse Audio accessories, your perfect travel companion.

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Headphones and audio accessories from Fuse Audio


Fuse has a great range of audio products ranging from earbudz to over-ear headphones with features such as Bluetooth, track control and tangle-free braided cables, just to name a few. Ignite your Ears with Fuse Audio
Headphones and audio accessories from Fuse Audio


Fuse Power products are a cut above the rest when it comes to durability and affordability. From USB to Micro-USB and Lightning connectors, to Premium 2 in 1 Cable connectors so you can charge and sync your Android, Apple, Samsung phones with the single cord. Fuse really has the power to keep you connected on the move.
Headphones and audio accessories from Fuse Audio


Take your music with you wherever you go with our Bluetooth speakers and audio accessories