About Fuse Drippin Beat Speaker


Take your tunes beach side or pool side with the wireless waterproof Fuse Drippin Beats Bluetooth Speaker. Keep the beats blasting with 4.5+ hours of battery life.

 Fuse Retro Speaker

See below for instructions on how to operate the FM Speaker:

  1. Plug in one end of the supplied AUX Cable to AUX port – this works like an antenna.
  2. Press the power button to cycle through modes until you get to FM (note: this is just after Bluetooth mode which the speaker defaults too after turning on).
  3. If Speaker has not been previously tuned tap the Play/Pause button once.  The speaker will start scanning through all FM Radio stations automatically, allow the speaker to scan through all radio stations.
  4. Once the speaker has scanned through all stations, press either the << or >> skip button to find your desired station (which was previously scanned).
  5. The speaker will now be tuned for FM radio stations from that location.

Here is the most up-to-date guide with everything you should know about the Fuse Drippin Beat Speaker.

If you still have questions or troubles please email us directly through fusesupport@pacificoptics.zohodesk.com