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Need a reliable pair of True Wireless Stereo Headphones but don't want to spend a fortune on Apple Airpods, then the Fuse Airbudz II are a great alternative. Offering wireless charging you can simply drop the rechargeable case with the in ear headphone inside onto wireless charger and recharge the battery. You can also charge by plugging the provided USBC cable into the case. Bluetooth connectivity with auto discovery means the Airbudz II are easy to use. Touch controls mean you can skip through tracks, answer calls and have volume control at your finger tips. Re-engineered microphone and drivers mean that call quality and sound has improved from previous generations and sound has rich bass and clarity. All this with 14+ hours playtime between the case and earphones means they are your perfect day to day companion.

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Using Your Airbudz

Pairing your Airbudz:

In order to use the Airbudz, they must be paired with a compatible Bluetooth device before you will be able to use them (Pairing means to establish a connection between two Bluetooth devices). Remove the Airbudz from the rechargable case and the Airbudz will power on automatically. Turn on your Bluetooth from your device settings and select 'Fuse Airbudz II' on the list of available devices. The Airbudz will 'beep' once paired. The Airbudz will automatically connect to the last connected device that is within range.

Receiving Calls:

Once the Airbudz are connected to your mobile phone, you are ready to receive phone calls. You answer a call by tapping either side of your Airbudz (Touch Control) once and tapping twice on the touch controls to refuse as call.


Connection range from device to Airbudz is 10m. Please keep away from Wifi, router or other high frequency transmitting equipment to prevent interruption of signal.


  • Play or Pause Music: One tap on either size of the touch controls.
  • Next Song: Two taps on the right touch controls
  • Previous Song: Two taps on the left touch controls
  • Siri: If using an Apple device, three taps on either side of the touch controls will activate Siri.
  • Volume Up: Long press on the right touch controls
  • Volume Down: Long press on the left touch controls
  • Receive Call: One tap on either side of touch controls
  • Refuse Call: Two taps on either side of the touch controls



Speaker 13mm Driver

  • Sensitivity 119dB
  • Impedance 32Q
  • Frequency: 20-20KHz
  • Airbudz Battery: 25mAH
  • Charging Case Battery: 180mAH
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0


Charging the Battery:

Fully charge your Airbudz II Rechargeable Case (with Airbudz II inside) before first use.

Plug the provided charging cable into the USB-C socket on the bottom of the rechargeable case and the USB-A end into your charging device (not included).

When the rechargeable case is being charged, the lights will flash from left to right. Every light indicates 25% power. When the power reaches 25%, the 1st light will remain illuminated and the remaining 3 will continue flashing. When the power reaches 50%, the first 2 lights will remain illuminated and the remaining 2 will continue to flash and so on....

Once fully charged, all lights will be illuminated and the lights will go off until you pull out the charging cable.

To charge the Airbudz II, place the earpieces inside the rechargeable case, providing there is power left in the rechargeable case, they will automatically charge once the case is closed.

Power Display:

Rechargeable Case: To understand the power remaining in the rechargeable case open the case:

  • 4 lights illuminated = 100%
  • 3 lights illuminated = 75%
  • 2 lights illuminated = 50%
  • 1 light illuminated = 25%



When the Airbudz II connects to your device, the power remaining will automatically appear on your device.

Wirelessly Charging the Case:

Place the Airbudz II rechargeable case with wireless charging area facing down against a Qi-certified wireless charger (not provided). Charging is successful when the indicator lights flash.

Customer Reviews

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Great customer service

When my airbus II stopped working I was frustrated that couldn’t find detailed instructions online, the ones that come with the initial product with a diagram, and details of charging and pairing.
Fortunately I was sent a replacement pair and immediately and they’re working fine.
If you have any problem you can email or call them

So happy to hear that things worked out for you. Thank you for the review. We really appreciate it!

Absolutely amazed

Just purchased these and besides a tiny slight difference in sound quality but after having a genuine set of AirPods at $400 you would expect sound to be great but for a petrol station purchase for pretty much exact quality of material product if not better for $49.95 it’s a no brainer they do every thing the AirPods do…. Definitely happy with this purchase thanks for producing such a great product at a very affordable price. Highly recommend these

Wow! That's amazing to hear! Thank you so much for the review.

Great product

Great product just wish I could find out if there water resistant/proof.

Thank you for the review. Glad you like them.

The Airbudz II haven’t been tested for protection against water ingress so we can’t make any claims about their water resistance.

Angela Ritchie
Great Product

So clear to hear, been told there is an echo on other end of phone call & wish I could find a manual so I can know instructions lol

rebecca cheetham
Absolute game changer.

I got these from a gas station in Christchurch, and I could not be happier. They charge so quickly, the handy rechargeable box is great. The sound quality is excellent, good bass and even distribution. The call volume and clarity is also faultless. They fit nicely in my little ears and have a good shape. Definitely would recommend these!!!!