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Dialled into your music but not keen on being held back by wires? Listen to true wireless sound with Fuse Bluetooth Airbudz. Each set comes with a rubber ear-piece strap that fits comfortably around your neck for when your Bluetooth Airbudz are not in use.


SIZE: 66*100mm
Rubber Earpiece Strap
8 Hour listening time
Rechargeable Case
Stop/Start Play Button
Microphone for Hands-free talking


  • Driver: 10mm Driver
  • Sensitivity: 110DB
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency: 20-15,000Hz
  • Airbudz Battery: 50mAH
  • Charging Case Battery: 380mAH
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2

Using Your Airbudz

Charging The Battery:

When the charging case is charging, the red light flashes. The indicator red led will be on all the time while fully charged. When the battery of Airbudz is low, the LED indicator will flash in red and you will hear a beep as a reminder to charge your Airbudz. Once plugged in, the LED will be in Red when charging and turn Blue once charging is complete. Note: Airbudz will power off when charging.

Pairing Your Airbudz:

To pair both Airbudz: Long press the multi-function buttons on both sides at the same time until the LED is flashing in Red and Blue alternately, then turn on your Bluetooth on your device and select ‘Fuse Airbudz’ on the list, you should hear a voice saying connected.

Note: When listening to music/making/receiving calls, both sides control play/pause, answer/refuse and power off functions.

Making and Receiving Calls:

Make sure the Airbudz are connected with your mobile phone, then you can make phone calls. You answer a call by pressing the multi-function button on the side of your Airbudz and long-press the multi-function button in 2 seconds to refuse a call. You can redial your last phone number by quickly pressing the multi-function button twice.

Basic Use:

Short press the multi-function button to stop the music and repress it to start. Long press 2 seconds left button for previous track and long press 2 seconds right button for next track. To power off: long press the buttons and hold down until you hear a voice saying ‘power off’. The Airbudz will automatically power off when they are away from your Bluetooth device for more than two minutes.

Connection & Standby:

  1. Please keep away from Wifi, router or other high frequency transmitting equipment to prevent interruption of signal.
  2. Connection range is 10m.
  3. Airbudz will connect with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Customer Reviews

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there so comfortable and they work great for alittile bit the left one didnt work but i just reset my phone and it stated working if your on a budget or not i highly recommend these

Worth it!

After looking for a long time for an Android friendly alternative to Airpods that don't look stupid, I was delighted to hear about these. I was however still sceptical over the very reasonable price and the very high claims for quality and reliability.

Intrigued, I reached out to my Fuze Representative (at the time of purchase I managed a service station) and I asked him about these fabled new peices of modern innovation. To my surprise, he informed me of the enormous demand for this specific product as they are selling out from all of his other clients. That was it for me. I had to buy a pair.

After looking at other stores who were also sold out my only choice was to order direct online, which to my surprise was stocked up and ready to go.

Ive now been using these bad boys every day for calling and for music, and I gotta say they are great. For $40 it was definitely worth the punt as I haven't had any issues yet. Plus they come with warranty!

If you are sitting on the fence about these, just buy them!


I had wanted a pair of wireless earphones for a while and then my dad gave me these! They are amazing! Can find no faults at all and are great sound quality! Fit in your ears well and are comfortable! I recommend these 100% and their price is exceptional!! Amazing!

Excellent value

I have had Fuze wireless headphones before, always spotted them in petrol stations at a 'Well its only "$x" if theyre no good' and theyve *always* been a great product, ended up buying three sets of wired buds last time i saw them a couple of years back.

The last pair of wireless earbuds i bought were $140 from Telstra, and they were almost identical to these, right down to the case theyre in, except the Telstra sold ones were slightly thinner, and *two sets* have randomly stopped working with absolutely no fix available whatsoever, and have these *stupid* non-button buttons on them which meant any time you went to adjust them (which was often) they would switch off and you would battle with them to make them play again, then eventually both sets i had clapped out and would only pair as single devices. No good.

When i saw these last week i was skeptical as they looked like an identical product, but i think i picked these up for $35. Almost the same case, almost identical earbuds, but physical buttons were an awesome start, and these things are absolutely faultless. These to me, are *amazing* value for what ive paid for them, i also had a set of JB Hifi bought Blue-Antz which i had to sell a while back which were great but cost $240 and these are far more comparable to those than to the *utter crap* Telstra is selling for 5 times the price.

Keep going Fuse, you guys are absolutely fantastic. Well done.


bluetooth doesn't connect